The Business Model Canvas (BMC) gives you the structure of a business plan without the overhead. It’s a tool which helps you map, discuss and design new business models.



The Canvas has nine elements:

  1. Customer Segments: Who are the customers? Who is your most important audience?
  2. Value Propositions: What’s compelling about the proposition? Why do customers buy, use?
  3. Channels: How are these propositions promoted, sold and delivered (touchpoints)? How is value delivered?
  4. Customer Relationships: How do you interact with the customer through their ‘journey’? What relationships do you have with your customers.
  5. Revenue Streams: How does the business earn revenue from the value propositions? What pricing mechanisms are there?
  6. Key Activities: What  does the business do to deliver its proposition?
  7. Key Resources: What assets does the business have? What unique strategic assets must the business have to compete?
  8. Key Partnerships: What can the company not do so it can focus on its Key Activities?
  9. Cost Structure: What are the business’ major cost drivers and how are they linked to revenue?

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