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Clare Webster UX Design Front End DevelopmentI studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree and completed half a Commerce degree right out of highschool at The University of Western Australia.

You might think this is an odd combination for someone who works in UX design – but surprisingly it all links in rather well. Let me explain.

1. I studied Marketing as my Commerce major and in my second year I focused on Organisational Behaviour (with some Psychology units too). In UX design, you need to understand business objectives and consider the goals of the organisation in your designs. You also need to understand the basics of user behaviour.

2. In Arts, my first major was in Anthropology. Anthropology is concerned with how societies are formed and how they behave. It explores the influences behind how societies or individuals behave, whether these stem from culture, biology and/or agency.

I found concepts like the construction of social norms, or human motivation really fascinating. This provided me with a basis in understanding how to think about user behaviour in the human-computer interaction field.

3. My other arts major was Fine Arts where I explored Digital Art and Design and the visual communication of ideas using programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

I worked in a number of roles from Heritage Officer at a local council, to freelance design work which led me into Front End Development.

I eventually went back to uni and completed my Masters Degree in Art and Design at Curtin University. This involved doing a number of crossover units including some in development like PHP/MySQL, eCommerce Web Design and Flash Animation.

My dissertation explored the Human-Computer Interaction Field. Under the guidance of my supervisor Joel Day (a big advocate for usability in web design) I focused on usability practices in websites.

Read about more about my dissertation here.

After graduating I have continued to work as a Front End Developer and have taught web design or digital courses and units for Curtin University, Open Universities Australia and UWA Extensions.

I currently work as a Front End Developer with a specialisation in UX design.

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